January 25, 2016

Print Management


Though focus is slowly shifting away from traditional print, its impact and importance cannot be underestimated. We specialise in managing print services to ensure quality outcome each and every time. This includes offset printing, digital offset printing, digital flatbed printing amongst others.

We manage printing of T-shirts, posters, bags, towels, coffee mugs, personalised branding products and much, much more!



Offset printing is the industry standard for larger printing runs that require precise PMS colour matching. Generally, offset printing can be quite expensive for runs under 500 – 1000 copies due to the fairly high set-up costs.

Offset printing is largely used for items like business cards and corporate stationery where precise colour matching is important (from a branding perspective) and where the usually large numbers make the process cost-efficient.



Digital offset is a four colour process that mimics the quality and colour range of offset rinting without the expensive set-up costs.

We can provide you with affordable short run printing, with quick turnaround, exceptional offset quality and PMS capabilities, on a wide range of substrates.

Hexachrome printing is also available for digital offset, allowing us to faithfully reproduce vivid oranges and greens.

Digital offset can be used for brochures, folders, posters, reports, flyers etc.



Flatbed printers are ideal for point of sale, trade show displays and exhibitions and they print full colour direct to an array of substrates, thus creating a professional look, at a fraction of the price and time normally required.

The UV cured inks are extremely durable, eliminating the need for lamination. UV cured inks ensure colour quality is more consistent and you will be impressed by the colour saturation and density.

We can also offer precision contour cutting of all printed images. This means we can route or cut rigid substrates to any shape.

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