January 25, 2016

Design Philosophy and Process


A brand is much more than a logo design, colour palette and a slogan – it’s the first and last impression that you leave with your audience. We firmly believe that you are unique and you have a story to tell. We’re about fleshing that out and making you stand out from the crowd.

Our design process begins with the belief that understanding our clients’ unique needs and objectives ensures a strong project with optimum results.

Perrin Roux’s professional design team creates a collaborative environment for all our projects; clients are invited to participate as an integral part of the critical decision-making process. This ensures a shared vision, with specific goals and clearly defined project parameters.

Every project benefits from essential planning stages focused on information gathering and research, resulting in an informed conceptual design. This dynamic process includes vital interaction with our clients every step of the way.



  1. Following an in-depth discussion with the client to determine exact requirements, Perrin Roux creates a Project Brief that will include a detailed description of the scope, final timeline and detailed cost breakdown.
  2. Creative Brief: every client will be required to provide a Creative Brief. Templates are available for download, and a guide is available as well.



  1. Perrin Roux will conduct a comprehensive industry research to identify effective design elements, trademark elements, website features, traffic keywords and other relevant aspects to be considered with respect to client’s business and design requirements.
  2. The outcome of this research will reflect in the naming suggestions, design concepts and on-site search engine optimisation, as applicable.



  1. Three different creative concepts will be provided initially for the client to choose from; the concepts can be presented in person or over the internet, as required by the client. The client should choose one design and can identify elements from the other two they would like to adopt.
  2. Several rounds of changes are included in the price of any project (within reason).
  3. Once the design is completed, a written sign-off from the client is required and the chosen design is finalised.  No further design changes can be made – any changes at this stage will be charged an hourly rate of $125, chargeable in 30 minute increments.



  1. Finalising all design files in all colour variations required (Pantone, CMYK, RGB; full colour, monochrome and greyscale)
  2. Preparing files for print, web or both, as required by the client.
  1. Setting up the directory structure based on keyword research
  2. Coding up page templates as per the agreed design
  3. Populating website pages based on the design templates
  4. Writing up URLs, page titles and meta descriptions
  5. Creation of contact and subscription forms, RSS feeds if required
  6. Implementing Analytics
  7. Setting up login only members areas (if required).
  8. Any extra features agreed upon during the project briefing meeting

All website projects come with a two hour Content Management System training session for 2-10 people.

  1. All Perrin Roux websites come with email and online support (8 business hour turnaround guaranteed)
  2. Maintenance contracts are available (for a small fee) for telephone support and immediate turnaround (less than an hour).